Network Solutions

Smart Solutions Networks provides its customer by multi range of services as follows:

  • All Electronic & Network Products Supplement.
  • Solutions Design.
  • System Integration.
  • Consultancy & Optimization Operations.

Smart Solutions has its flexible strategy which adapts with the Customer Plan & Budget. It has a lot of concepts as follows:

Turn Key Projects:
In which Smart Solutions is building up the project from the Scratch starting with Dimensioning, Planning & Design, Site Survey, and Implementation (including HW & SW) up to Maintenance & Upgrade.

Exclusive Supplier:
Smart Solutions can be your Exclusive Supplier (as a Supplement Partner offload searching & dealing with vendors from you) for Network Components, Voice Network Components, VoIP & Termination Components & Private Customized Software.

Exclusive Integrator:
Also Smart Solutions can integrate for you all kinds of networks on time & on budget applying the quality aspects on the network depending on its design experts.

Our main solutions categories are:

  • Network Solutions.
  • Wireless Solutions.
  • VoIP Solutions.
  • Customized Solutions.